Bogazici Shipping, being known by its clients as a reliable partner in the maritime sector, offers you a range of marine business opportunities.
Our main goal is to meet our clients’ specific needs and requirements.


PRESIDENT - ALİ ACERER, Having worked in maritime industry since 1980, Mr. Acerer has had a considerable experience in both ship trade and maritime industry.

VICE PRESIDENT - ERTAN ÖZGÜR, Having worked more than 40 years in both finance and maritime industries , Mr. Özgür primarily looks after all marine contracting, financial and legal aspects of the company’s business.

BOARD MEMBER - FAZIL UZUN, Being an engineer, Mr. Uzun has involved in designing and constructing more than 20 ships. Such experience allows him to understand the both market and customer needs in ship building and ship trade business.

BOARD MEMBER - BİLGEHAN ACERER, Mr. Acerer, having studied metallurgy and being primarily involved in marine related metal business since 1990, mainly focus on ship inspections and makes an essential contribution to the business handled by the company.


Boğaziçi Denizcilik A.Ş. , a privatly owned company operating in maritime industry, was founded in 1992 where two continents, Europe and Asia, meet in Bosphorus, İstanbul.

In due course, Bogazici Shipping specialised in the ship trading business and thank to its long lasting relationships in the world shipping market, the company improved its business and became a well known and reliable partner for those demanding high quality ships in the market.

In late 2005, the company has started its new shipbuilding projects by which it is intended to build new powerful Azimuth Stern Drive multipurpose offshore or escort/harbour/LNG terminal tug boats from 40+ ton bollard pull to 80+ ton bollard pull.

With its new vision and mission, Bogazici Shipping is now mainly focusing on the highest quality tug boat building. Using the latest technologies, the company offers tailor made solutions for tug boat operators who demand first class tug boats at any size and power.